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Christmas Party Reminder

Date: Sunday, December 12, 2004
Time: 12:00 pm
Place: Cross Mills Library, Rt 1A, Charlestown, RI Directions

We will have a covered dish buffet, Chinese Auction, a gift exchange, a find-of-the-year award, and door prizes!

Chinese auction: Everyone is invited to bring 5 items they no longer want. Each item will be placed on a table with a cup nearby. Tickets will be sold and ticket holders will place as many tickets as they like in the cup(s) next to the item(s) they'd like to win. When "time is up," a ticket will be drawn from each cup. The holder of the winning drawn ticket wins the item.

Gift exchange: Everyone is invited to participate in a gift exchange. Wrap your gift and bring it to the gift table. Everyone who brings a gift to exchange will be able to select another wrapped gift from the table. No name tags, please!

Find of the Year: Each member may bring one find for entry in the contest. Each club member at the party will be asked to vote for "Find of the year." Grand prize is a gold coin and other prizes will be awarded for the 10 best finds.

1) Your best find
2) A gift to exchange, and
3) Five Chinese auction items, and
4) Last name A-F: salad, fruit or veggie
Last name G-L: drink
Last name M-R: dessert
Last name S-Z: paper goods/decorations


See you there!


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