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Vlad & Carol

Vlad & Carol
Vlad and Carol live in Shelton, Connecticut and have been metal detecting since January 1999. They joined the Rhode Island club in March of 1999, and at the same time started developing a website for their treasure finds. You can visit it here
Vlad is from St. Petersburg, Russia and has been in the United States for six years. Carol is originally from Indiana. They started out with an XLT searching mostly on land. A year later they became more interested in what was in the water than on land, so they have been "beach and water" hunting ever since. They are members of the "Shelton Historical Society," and the "FMDAC."
They are graduates of the "New York Institute of Photography," and are currently spending a lot of time developing websites. If you are interested in having a website, I'm sure they would be glad to help you. Below is a photo of some of their year 2000 Finds.

Silver and Gold


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