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"DiscoveRIn Rhode Islands Treasures" is a Treasure Hunting and Metal Detecting Club. The club was formed in 1999 by Rich Rice and has been growing ever since. We are friendly group of people that welcomes newcomers, as well as all others interested in the hobby. Feel free to stop by at our next meeting. You don't have to be a resident of Rhode Island to join our club. Many of the club members are from nearby states.
Don't be shy, stop by!

We hold a club meeting every month. During the summer we will meet at different locations such as beaches or parks, etc. During the winter months we will meet at Charlestown, RI. Cross Mills Library on Route 1A.

The meetings are approximately 2 hr. long, and sometimes we have a special speaker for different subjects such as metal detecting, coin collecting, cleaning your finds, jewelry making, goldsmith, and lots more exciting stuff.

Usually after the meetings members group together to go hunt somewhere.

We need volunteers to help out around the meetings.
If there is any changes to the meeting times or locations it will be posted on the homepage of this website, and we will notify by phone those who don't have Internet access.

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Featured Members:
Rich Rice
Bill Ladd
Bill Long Sr.
Mike Robinson
Vlad and Carol

To become a featured member contact Vlad at wwhiker@aol.com


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