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Bill Long

Bill Panning for goldBill Long at Club HuntBill Long Sr. and his family are active members of the Rhode Island club. Bill is a "lobster" trapper and has been doing this trade all his life. He enjoys all forms of treasure hunting, bottle collecting, antiques and rockhounding. His son, Bill Long Jr. has also come to love these hobbies.

Here's what Bill Sr. has to say, "Of course, I bought my son a detector for Christmas, and then he didn't use it, so I did. As I got caught up in the hobby and started bringing home interesting little treasures, Billy Jr. got pulled in, and soon we had two detectors. The hobby has offered a chance for us to spend many hours together, for which I am grateful."

They normally go metal detecting as a team, and are avid users of Garrett's detectors. Bill makes his own sand scoops too. They love searching the woods and old foundations the best. Bill found this buckle in a wooded area behind his home.

Bill's  old found buckle


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