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Sunday, January 16th, 2004
Club Newsletter
Vice President Don Biron called the first meeting of 2004 to order at 12:45. The meeting was lightly attended because of the snow. After attendance was taken, Sandy Crouch gave her Treasurers report. This was followed by an open discussion period.
Find of the month guidelines for this year The following tie breaking system was proposed by Tom Hunter who was in charge of the find of the month last year. Only the top three will get points; 1st -three points, 2nd-2 points and 3rd-one point. A tie-breaking vote will be done for all ties. Other rules would include no voting for your own find and a person must be present to have an item put into the find of the month. Discussion followed if we should have a separate beach/water finds from land/relic finds or maybe separate gold finds from others.
Membership dues Dues are $20/single and $25/family and due by the March meeting. Families include children under 18. Children over 18 must pay dues separate of the family. This also includes children not living at the home of the parent(s) Make checks payable to (must read exactly) “Sandy Crouch or DIRT”
Future Club Trips Suggestions for future club trips included Dutch Island, a Vermont Gold Panning trip, a Field trip, Block Island and Cape Cod. Please let us know where YOU would like to go or share with us….LAND or WATER.
Future Club hunts The club will have unannounced club hunts during some of it’s meetings.
Demonstrations & speakers It was suggested that we have demonstrations & speakers. We will try to get this set up as soon as possible. Sharing books, maps, etc. Sandy brought in her diamond tester and Tom brought in his book on “Record of American Uniform and Historical buttons”(it covers from revolutionary war to the 1900's). Sandy & Tom will also bring them to the next meeting. Other members said that they also have some books to share. If any member has any books, maps or anything else they wish to share please bring them to the next meeting.

February 15th, 2004
Our Feb. meeting was at Cross Mills Library in Charlestown, RI; start time 12:30pm Everyone renewed their membership for 2004. Rules for the FINDS Contest was laid out. It was decided to put membership with the FMDAC on hold. Attention has turned to joining The National Metal Detecting League. Don Biron gave an "Electrolysis" demonstration. Ed Reynolds is talking about another trip to Cape Cod. Vlad and Carol is updating the website, made the new member cards and the 2004 Finds log.
We had several new members join today. Many thanks to Dick for the Newsletter this month. Greg made the new member application.

March meetingMarch 14, 2004
12:30 PM Place: Cross Mills Library, Rt. 1A, Charlestown, RI We had many new members join and we're looking forward to a great year. Reelections will be held at the April meeting. Several positions are open, so don't be shy.

April 18, 2004
12:30 PM Place: Cross Mills Library, Rt. 1A, Charlestown, RI Elections were held. Ed Reynolds remains President, Don Biron ,Vice-president, Greg Wightman - Treasurer. Sandy Crouch has volunteered to keep the Minutes of the meetings.
We had a special guest from Florida, John Ricci of the Treasure Coast Archeology Society, who shared with us all his favorite Florida detecting stories. At the end of the meeting a coin auction was held, by one of our favorite sponsors, George Champlin, of the Pawcatuck Coin Club. Thanks for coming George! After the meeting we all met at Charlestown Beach for a Club Hunt. Everyone had a great time finding the dollar coins and jewelry that was planted.

Professional Treasure Hunters Historical Society, 11th annual Best O’ Northeast Treasure Hunters & Collectors weekend. More info www.streeter.org
Friday, April 23, 1:pm. Volunteers set up 11th Best O’ Northeast Treasure Hunter’s Hobby Show booths @ Keene, NH Rec. Center, 312 Washington St., Keene, NH (one mile north on Washington St. from city center)

SUNDAY, April 25 1:PM - 2:PM in a Marlborough, NH Ghost town. $50 team entry (limited to 30 teams). 1st place team wins $150, 2nd wins $90 & 3rd wins $75. Points & prizes awarded for various kinds of buried tokens. Send fee to George Streeter, Hunt Organizer, 14 Vernon St., Keene, NH 03431

May 16 - Open Hunt at Ocean Beach Park, New London CT, 12 noon $500 in coins, jewelry and prizes Fees: $15 for members $20 for nonmembers. A lot of people showed up for this hunt, held on a large area of the beach, and we still didn't find everything.

June13 - 12:00 noon, Burlingame State Park picnic area Club Picnic! Members can bring: Last name A-F: salad, fruit or veggie dish, Last name G-L: drinks, snacks, relishes, Last name M-R: desserts, cake, cookies, Last name S-Z: paper goods/tablecloths. The club will provide grilled hamburgers,
hot dogs, and the buns. Also bring your family and friends. Visitors always welcome!. Directions to Burlingame: Route 1 North or South, watch for signs, (don't turn at the Burlingame Campground sign) Exit King's Factory Road.

July 18 - Club met at Goddard Memorial State Park.

August 15 - 6:00 PM Scarborough State Beach (meet on the left side of Beach.) Members can bring:Detectors, snacks, drinks Bring your new finds for the monthly contest. Directions to Scarborough Beach Ed Reynolds and Don Biron announced today that they are stepping down from being Club Officers. So there are now positions open for Club President and Club Vice President if any one is interested. They will serve till the end of December.
Point Sebago - Beachcomer Getaway - Sept 7-9, 2004
Sept 18 - 12.00 PM - Burlingame State Park Picnic Area, this may change do to all the beaches being open now, check back - Hamburgers and hot dogs provided by the club, members should bring what they normally bring. CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN



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