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January, 2003
Sunday, Jan 19 ~ 12:30pm, Cross Mills Library - NOMINATION OF NEW OFFICERS FOR 2 YEAR TERM. Speaker to be announced. Welcome New member Art Rodriguez East Providence, RI. NEWS: Club dues can be paid for this year 2003 . Jan. is find of the year with 1/10 oz gold eagle 1st prize. Also fmdac.com web site has a add our own club roster for mailings of the Quest Newsletters direct to members home now. The mailing list will be confidential. & mailed out by the fmdac. It will still be printed & mailing costs paid by Whites detectors.
A Microsoft Excel spread sheet is on the fmdac site that can be used to add our member list to fmdac's database if we vote to do so at Jan. meeting. Also I going to suggest mailing out pre stamped dues notice out to the members that do not pay dues by Feb. Meeting. We want all dues paid want all dues paid no later than March 1st so Sunnie can prepare our members ship list. Please take a few minutes to go to the fmdac.com site to look at these new improvements so I can get your input. We will only list one family member one their mailing list as it is 5.00 per fmdac membership. Thanx Rich Rice

February, 2003
Sunday, Feb. 16 ~ 12:30pm, Cross Mills Library - ELECTION OF NEW OFFICERS, dues collection

March 16, 2003
Sunday, Mar 16 ~ 12:30pm, Cross Mills Library - Also Sunday is confirmed. George Champlin of Westerly Enterprises will attend & talk about coins & have a coin auction at our meeting Also we are badly in need of new secretary as Sunnie Robinson is very busy & will no longer be able to do this job. I need some one to step up for this job. Sunnie if you could explain what the duty are & how you could set them up & get started. It may help in the process.
Can you send out a notice also mention a lot of dues are not paid yet. Dues were collected for the 2003 memberships - Trustees were elected: Tom Hunter, Bob Schroth & Roger Leipf - Coin of the month trustees: Tom Hunter, John Markrush, Ed Reynolds, Bob Schroth, and Carl Morales - BONE show will be in Keene, NH on April 27th - 50/50 raffle brought $32 into club treasury - Find of the month winners: 1st place to Barbara Brown for her 18k cameo ring, 2nd place to Steve Crouch with his multi-layer gold ring, 3rd place to Don Biron with his gold ring. Congratulations! - Volunteer needed to serve as Club Secretary Barbara Brown wins "Find of the Month" for her 18k Cameo ring.

April 13, 2003Carol and Sandy relax after the hunt
Sunday, Apr 13~ 12:30pm, APRIL MEETING DATE CHANGED Please mark your calendar for Sunday, April 13th. Hunt at Misquamicut State Beach Park (to the right of the lot). 1st prize: Minelab Adventure Detector. Registration at 12:30pm. Hunt starts at 2:00pm.
Club members only Cross Mills Library. Short meeting, followed by travel to a Misquamicut beach for a hunt. Carolyn Biron won the Minelab Detector at last month Misquamicut beach, 20 Members were in hunt & had a great time thanx to Ed Reynolds& Don Biron for running the hunt in my absence. NOTE: Club members are responsible for inquiring about events & updating address/e-mail info if fliers/e-mail are not received. Member only hunt $5.00 at Misquamicut Beach. Carolyn Biron wins Minelab Adventurer Detector.

May 9, 2003
To Whom it may concern & all members. I Rich Rice President of Discovering Rhode Islands Treasure am resigning due to personal problems. Therefore I can't devote enough time to the club for it to run efficiently for the best interests of our members. I am lucky to have served such great members & have got so many people interested in the hobby. I am appointing Ed Reynolds 176 Shannock Rd Charlestown, RI 02875 Phone 1-401-364-1669 as interim President as he has shown interest in leading the club to bright future. Nominations will be Sun, May 18th at the Burlingame meeting. Bring your land & water detector for prizes buried land & water. & food to share. We also need A new vice President & Secretary. Someone please step up & support your club & run for these offices. I am still available to help the best I can for now . I very proud to have started this club & to be associated with such great people. I am asking you all to stick together keep this club great. Sincerely yours Rich Rice

Gateway Treasure Hunters Club - Club located Wareham Ma.Meeting 4th Thursday of the month 7:00 PM 11th Annual Hunt Onset Beach Wareham. Ma. May 17th,2003 For Membership or Hunt information contact John at GTHC@juno.com or come to the meeting (PS Nov. & Dec Meeting times are different due to Holidays)

May 18th, 2003
Sunday, May 18th at 12:30pm. Burlingame State Park, off Rt. 1 in Charlestown RI. Picnic, bring food to share, finds & stories. waterClub Meeting & land Detector to hunt for prizes. Paid member only. Others can pay to hunt See Ed & Linda Reynolds & Don & Carolyn Biron.
NEWSLETTER: May 18, 2003 Burlingame State Park Picnic Grounds Nice clear sun shiny day, cool breeze from the northeast. Vlad and Carol arrived first and setup. Don and Caroline arrived at 11:30 and brought with them their famous clam chowder. Barbara and Carl brought a strawberry shortcake. Others began arriving shortly after with more goodies.
First we held the "Find of the Month." Submitted were these found items: Linda Reynolds - a unique 14kt GE ring w/13 white stones Carol Kononova - an unusual copper dragon pendant w/stones Chris Markrush - a cool 1971 Kennedy Half Dollar Tom Hunter - a 1900's, 20's 14kt gold signet ring Don Biron - a Tiffany stamped necklace and chain Steve Crouch = a 1894 Barber quarter in great condition Ed Reynolds - a nice 10kt gold ring Barbara Brown - a neat 1911 Barber dime Vlad Kononov - an awesome 1851 Large Cent Ken Gudernatch - a beautiful, old 14k wedding band
RESULTS OF CONTEST 1st place - Sandy & Steve Crouch 2nd place - Carol K & Don Biron & Tom Hunter 3rd place - Linda Reynolds & Tom Hunter Then we fired up the grills and roasted some huge hot dogs and hamburgers. The hamburgers were the thick and juiciest we had ever tasted. Thanks to Ed and Linda for picking them up for the picnic. Welcome some new members! Ken Gudernatch of East Hartford, CT Rick & Sharon Cardone of North Smithfield, RI Omar Bourgault of Enfield, CT Jonathan Kulik of West Springfield, MA After we ate we started the meeting. Ed Reynolds began by asking everyone where they would like to meet next month. It was decided to meet at Scarborough Beach on June 8th at 5pm. It will be a "natural" hunt not a "planted" hunt. Next, Ed and Don shared that they are planning on going to the Cape for July 4th weekend and asked if anyone else would like to go. The reelections were next on the agenda. Don Biron was nominated and agreed to hold the position of Vice President. Ed also asked Carol Kononova to take on the Secretarial position as well as the Treasurer position she already holds.
The Board of Trustees consists of 5 members: Vlad Kononov Tom Hunter Ed Reynolds Don Biron Sandy Crouch Chris Markrush spoke with Carol about using his graphic ability to come up with some ideas for a logo, and club patch. Something he's always wanted to do. We also need some new club member cards too. After the meeting we grabbed our detectors and headed for the beach. Planted in that soft sand were treasures in the form of Roman coins, silver rings, silver coins, and all kinds of stuff! A lot of change too. Everyone turned in their pennies for tickets later and we kept drawing out tickets till all the prizes were gone. What fun it was! Before we knew it, it was getting on 6pm so we started packing up and leaving, My how time flies! In attendance were 22 people, 17 took part in the hunt on the beach and in the swimming area. Sandy Crouch won the door prize of a headlamp. New member Ken Gudernatch won the raffle of an adjustable scoop Barbara Brown won the 50/50 See ya June 8th at Scarborough! Carol Kononova Club Secretary

June 8th, 2003
Met at Scarborough Beach. 20 members came. Ed Reynolds won "Find of the Month" for his gold coin.. Vlad Kononov won the 50/50 Everyone hunted the beach afterwards.

July 5th, 2003
Meeting at Goddard Memorial Park, had a small hunt on the beach. 14 members attended. Everyone brought snacks to share. The watermelon was awesome. Raffle of a camp shovel. Steve Crouch won the 50/50.
Everyone prepare ahead for the Chinese Auction at Christmas.

August 3rd, 2003

August 3, 2003 Burlingame State Park Picnic Grounds 16 members in attendance. Nice clear sun shiny day. Today's meeting started out by several members meeting for breakfast at the Farmer's Gentleman Restaurant on Rt. 12 and Rt. 2 Leaving there around 9am, we traveled to the Burlingame State Park Picnic area and made arrangements for a table. Everyone was excited because we got to do some detecting before the crowd started to show up. Everyone brought lots of snacks too. When the picnickers started to show up we gathered and started the meeting. Ed Reynolds, our newly elected president, began by asking everyone what he or she would like to do for the next meeting. Ed and Don
NEWSLETTER: The Board of Trustees Vlad Kononov Tom Hunter Ed Reynolds Don Biron Sandy Crouch New Member List Welcome some new members! Richard Young, Coventry, RI Robert and Cheryl Robishaw, Uncasville, CT Mark Carruba, Middletown, RI Now we have "58" members in the Club!
Find of the Month Submitted were these found items: Steve Crouch - Linda Reynolds - John Markrush - Chris Markrush - foreign bronze coin 1992 GWODAMALAN Tom Hunter - gold chain and pendant Don Biron - diamond ring Sandy Crouch - 14k gold cluster ring w/44 diamonds Ed Reynolds - Greg Wightman - ladies watch w/circle of diamonds around face Results 1st place - Tom Hunter 2nd place - Greg Wightman 3rd place - Ed & Linda Reynolds; John Markrush
New member Richard Young won the Raffle of an assortment of gadgets.
Other Info: We still haven't decided whether or not to "re-rent" the Charlestown Library for our meetings this winter. Everyone knows it costs $25.00 per meeting, and I think the majority of members agree it would be better, and more exciting to meet at a restaurant somewhere. So if you know of someplace that will hold 15 to 20 people, let Ed know so arrangements can be made. All members have voted to keep the FMDAC club dues in our bank account at this time. They feel that since we had a changeover in officers, that it is now too late in the year to join the FMDAC. Agreed upon was the plan to start fresh and join the FMDAC with these funds in Jan. 2004.

September 28th, 2003Carolyn wins the Minelab
Advance Member Hunt at Scarborough Beach was moved to Roger Wheeler beach due to extreme high tides . 26 members attended. Caroline won 1st prize of the Garrett Treasure Ace 100, Greg Wightman won the 50/50 Don and Mark, the raffles.
Elections will be held

October 26, 2003
Vlad won the door prize, Don Biron won the 2003 silver round, Art Rodriguez beach basket, Greg Wightman a polishing cloth

November 23rd, 2003
Club met at Mohegan Sun Casino, ate at the buffet. Did some slots afterwards.

December 12th, 2003
Club Christmas Party. 12 noon Charlestown Library Chinese auction. Bring covered dish to share. Carol Kononova wins a gold coin for Find Of The Year.



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