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January, 2001

February 18th, 2001
Bill Ladd Slave tag findsOur Feb. meeting was at Cross Mills Library in Charlestown, RI; start time 12:30pm. We had a special speaker. Bill Ladd is from Charleston, SC, now living in W. Warwick, RI. He was recently on the Antiques Roadshow with 2 SC dug slave tags appraised at $10-15,000.
He now does talks to elementary schools about slavery and archaeology. He mostly hunts for relics, but also coinshoots, bottle digs, and looks for Indian arrowheads. He has been digging since age 10 and will be attending our January meeting and "show and tell" his South Carolina relics. His web page shows a few of his best finds, you can view it here: Bill's Found Historical Artifacts E-Mail Bill at: bsmoove@aol.com
Many members want him to come back again; Bill Ladd liked us too and joined our club. Several other new members came and Mike Robinson took notes and photos. Sunnie will mail out applications to those new members who want to sign up. We collected money from some existing members for this years dues and FMDAC membership. We had door prizes at the cost of $22.00 and collected $167.00 in cash and $46.00 in checks for dues. We also had a silent auction. Tom Hunter brought in some great finds to display and Bob Shroth brought his Alaskan gold.

We also purchased a "Tesoro Silver Sabre" detector or a "Garrett 400/550" for a "members only" hunt April 15, to be held at Charlestown beach. $5.00 to enter and sign up. There will be a short meeting at the library before the hunt.

George Champlin Coin Auction March 18th, 2001
The March Club meeting was held at Cross Mills Library in Charlestown, RI, at 12:30pm. George Champlin is past president of Pawcatuck Coin Club in CT and his son, George Jr.(of Westerly Enterprises), spoke on Coin, Jewelry and Antique collecting, and covered areas such as preservation and appraisels. They also held a full Coin Auction with about sixty coins priced from about 1.00 to thirty dollars, and they all sold.
George has been in the business for around 30 years, buying and selling rings, chains gold, silver, gems, antiques and estates. He is a respected businessman in Westerly, RI. He has a shop loaded with coins, jewelry, supplies, antiques, collectibles, and great advice. We had a short meeting and George spoke at 1:00pm.
We hope him and his son will both come back to visit us again.

April 15, 2001
A "members only" hunt was held at Charlestown beach. Carol found a men's gold ring close to the sand dunes. Carolyn Biron won the 1st prize detector.

May, 2001

June, 2001 Burlingame State Park
The outing & picnic started out lousy with drizzle & rain but the weather got better as the day went on ; Tom Hunter found A 10k GOLD ring in the water & Rich Rice cooked the hot-dogs & hamburgers; but forgot the condiments; Sunnie Robinson was kind enough to take run to the store ; After we enjoyed all the food & desserts; we had a short meeting with door prizes provided by member Bill Henderson of Henderson detector sales Taunton, Ma.; who also gave a bunch of the latest detector brochures. We then had raffle for a set of head phones; won by member Ken Carter from Putnam, CT. We had about 18 members attending which was good considering the weather.

We then had a kayak demo by the Robinson Family. Christina Markrush; Bill Long Sr. , Tom Hunter & Rich Rice tried out the Kayak; Rich Rich WAS GETTING REAL GOOD AT PADDLING; when he flipped the kayak in the middle of the lake; The only problem was he could not get back in the kayak after he flipped it & his lifevest came unzipped & everybody else was on shore; Mike Robinson & all the club members on shore realized that Rich was in trouble; Mike paddled out & Towed me in to the dock nearby so I could get back in the kayak & paddle to shore. I Am very thankful to be alive & glad everyone was so alert to my situation. When I arrived on shore Mike & I got a thankful applause from all the members; after a brief rest; I h ad Mike show me how to get back on the kayak when it flips ; He went to show me how& flipped off the kayak the first time;that got laughs, Bill Biron taped most of these events on his camcorder. Mike did showed me how me & I was able to upright the kayak & get back on it. Well we had an adventuresome day. A Thankful Rich Rice

July14,15 2001 Riverbend Campground
Our club outing was held at Sterling/Oneco, CT Riverbend Campground July 14/15 . We had a nice Campfire and get together Saturday nite, we shared food & stories.
Sandy & Barbara showed many of thier Fantastic Finds and Sandy Crouch is now member of the "Gold Coin Club!"
Quite an accomplishment as many Treasure hunters never find one in their entire lifetime.
She had found super nice AU 1907 U.S. Gold 2 1/2 Dollar coin on a private beach in Eastern Connecticut. The club is very proud of her for this accomplishment.

Attendees for our outing were: Carolyn & Don Biron; Barbara Brown & Carl Morales; Sandy & Steve Crouch; Wayne Dixon of Berkley, Mass. Ed & Linda Reynolds & Rich Rice.
Sunday we did some detecting in the playground & Ed & Linda did pretty good & found a lot of change; Rich Rich found a Cheerleader pin.
Wayne Dixon has invited the club to come camp overnite & hunt on his property & nearby sites with him, we accepted and will visit around the 3rd week in October.

We all went to the Gem Mine & found a very good assortment of minerals & fossils a reasonable price. The people at Riverbend Campground were great to us, I recommend a return visit. Don Biron took a digital Video and brought one of our last Burlingame meeting which we viewed on my laptop at the Campsite. We missed the members that could not make it. Rich

August, 2001 Burlingame State Park
Our August Meeting will be held at the picnic area at 2:00pm.
It's located off of Rt. 1 on Prosser Trail in Charlestown, RI. We will meet at Burlingame park, share food, detect, reorganize into groups and at about 5:00pm to go hunt Narragansett & Westerly beaches.

September 2001Rich digs on the path
We all met at the Charlestown Library, then traveled to an old foundation in Charlestown by a grocery store. Had a great time. We were all pretty upset about the World Trade Center

October, 2001
Many thanks is due to Vlad & Carol our webmasters. I provide a lot of the information & they just put it on the site. They designed & put on our opening tribute on with world trade center. We try to keep it mostly club with no commercials. I wish I could just get more people & club members to participate in the N.E. Forum we have. Be sure to visit their site GoMetalDetecting.com. I you would I would like you to send them a photo of your self with some of your finds & a brief history about yourself & so we can put it on the site so the all the N.E. club people can meet you. their email is wwhiker@aol.com Hope your weekend is nice Rich

November, 2001
Please get this information out to the members.Welcome new member Joe Westgate Berkley Ma The hunt was very good time & we had 25 people attend including two walk-ons. One of our members donated some silver & gold rings to the hunt. Ed & Linda Reynolds let use use their Camper to run the hunt from as it was rather windy. Club members & dealers Bill Henderson & George Streeter donated items to the hunt & we truly thank them & recommend that you contact them for you treasure hunting needs. We buried $280.00 in silver in the sand for the hunt. We also collected $125.00 for The NE FMDAC Chapter & gave that to Ken Gudernach Treasurer who attended the hunt. We raised $50.00 for our club with a Silver Round Raffle. Ed & Linda Reynolds won the metal detector with their token. Christina Markrush won $20.00 on the 50/50 raffle. $17.00 went to the club for expenses.
Christmas Party Reminder Date: Sunday, December 9, 2001 Time: 12:30pm Place: Cross Mills Library, Rt 1A, Charlestown, RI

We will have a Chinese Auction, a gift exchange, a find-of-the-year award, and door prizes! Chinese auction: Everyone is invited to bring 5 items they no longer want. Each item will be placed on a table with a cup nearby.
Tickets will be sold and ticketholders will place as many tickets as they like in the cup(s) next to the item(s) they'd like to win. When "time is up," a ticket will be drawn from each cup. The holder of the winning drawn ticket wins the item. Gift exchange: Everyone is invited to participate in a gift exchange. Wrap your gift and bring it to the gift table. Everyone who brings a gift to exchange will be able to select another wrapped gift from the table. No name tags, please! Find of the year: Each member may bring one find for entry in the contest. Each club member at the party will be asked to vote for "Find of the year." Grand prize is a 1/10 gold coin and other prizes will be awarded for the 10 best finds. Bring: 1) Your best find 2) A gift to exchange, and 3) Five Chinese auction items, and 4) Last name A-F: salad, fruit or veggie Last name G-L: drink Last name M-R: dessert Last name S-Z: paper goods/decorations HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

December 9, 2001
The Party is on 1a in Charlestown not 2a as list on the club site. The club will furnish the meat dishes. We will also give a 1/10 gold coin to the find of the year. Rules bring your best find this year & we will vote on it. Only one entry per member. Prizes will also be awarded for 10 best finds. Door prize will be a Garrett pocket Scanner pinpointer for detecting. Bring a gift if you would like to exchange a gift. Answer to members question a Chinese Auction is : You bring 5 items you no longer want. We will put them on a table & place a cup beside the item & sell tickets to bid on items you want. We also will have other Raffles & contests & a Magician.
Scoop donated by Ed & Linda

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