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I went to the Reed Gold Mine near Charlotte, NC over the New Years. This was my second visit. The first Gold in America was discovered on John Reeds farm in 1799; And 1999 was the bicentennial celebration for the Reed Gold Mine.

John Reed's son found a 17 pound gold nugget & him being a farmer did not know what is was or what it was worth. John took it with on his semiannual shopping trip to Fayetteville to a jeweler who asked John what he wanted for it. John said $3.50 a week's wages in those times. Later John found out that the nugget was worth about 3,500.00 which was a fortune in those times. John did not get mad he just found some more gold in the creek bed & started mining the property of what is now the Reed Gold Mine in Stanfield, NC. All told over 65 million dollars in gold was found; or 742 million in today's economy; also the largest nugget was 28 pounds found by Peter an Afro - American Slave.

The Reed Gold Mine is now owned by the state of North Carolina & is Free admission. They have many exhibits & a movie telling the history & underground tour of the mine & gold panning for 2.00 in the summer. They also have a very fairly priced gift shop with many nice nuggets & gold related items for sale. What made my visit so special was they have the Harvard Gold Collection on display; 57 of the most beautiful nuggets I have ever seen from around the world. The other thing that was great, was the weather & Its FREE. If you are in the area its a "must" visit. Call 1-800-848-3740 for local tourist info or visit the Carrabus county web site. No Mining or detecting is allowed at the state park but Cotton Patch Gold mine is nearby in New London,NC. Phone 704-4623-5797. Also the Uhharrie National Forest is nearby & I am told there is good mining the streams near Ofhir & Eldorado, NC. I was so excited & impressed that I spent 25.00 & became a charter member of the mine. Rich

Our first meeting of the new year was Jan 16th. We had several new families come and they want to become members. One family, Jeff, Dan & Sean came all the way from Boston. Another family, John and Christina had met Carol and Vlad detecting at Oakland Beach and were invited to come to the meeting. We all had a great time!
We had a gold panning demonstration, which everyone enjoyed, and then went to Matunick State Park to hunt. Rich also had information to share with us about his recent trip to Reed Gold Mine

Rev. Dave Crockett Our March meeting was our 1st Anniversary as a club! The Rev. W. Dave Crockett was our Guest Speaker on his book Archaeological Anomalies and fossils, and fossil collecting; Rev. Crockett is the former Westerly Historical Society President & author. Many thanks to him for taking time out to come and share with us. Everyone enjoyed it and we hope he comes back again.
Rose Curruba collected the Minutes; I think we had 17 members & 9 guests. We voted to add "nonmetal" item to "Find of the Month" & give everyone who attends a vote. We canceled the hunt as the meeting ran late.

APRIL 27, 28 *** BONE Treasure Hunters & Gold Panners *** show, contests, & workshops. It was held at the Keene Recreation Center, Washington St., Keene NH. There was free admittance to the show.
On Saturday, the Club set up a table to promote & display our finds. A lot of people showed interest in our table & Rich passed out brochures with a contact address.
There were "how to" seminars; detector, coin & treasure supplies; mineral, jewelry; & bottles dealers. Most booths were treasure hunting, metal detecting and gold panning orientated. Also treasure hunting & prospecting business booths were manned by factory reps, distributors, dealers or volunteers.

There was a banquet with prizes & great food on Sat. night and several metal detector hunts on Sunday. Barbara Brown won a 1/10th oz Canada gold coin & a plaque for one of the Ten Best Finds, her civil war plate she found; She went up against some tough competition as there were some great finds. Rich went in the morning hunt on Sunday & says he did not fare too well, but managed to find one token #7 & 7 silver dimes, (also his birthday was on the 7th). He found a horse shoe & a 1878 dated picture of a cast iron stove in a revolutionary war muster Field in Marlbrough, NH; some of his friends found in the same field this weekend, a 1 reale/VF Mexican coin; 1768? two separate Herbernian large cents; a 1745 & 1746 both fine condition & a eagle button.

APRIL 29, 30 *** Bristol Gem & Mineral Club *** 28th annual show Bristol Community Center 240 Stafford Ave. Bristol , CT.
Bristol Gem & Mineral Club PO Box 71 Bristol, CT 06011-0071 USA Meetings: 2nd Tuesday, 7:30 pm, Bristol Senior Center.

MAY 7th *** Pawcatuck Valley Coin Club Show/ with Rich Rice *** On Rt. 1 in Pawcatuck, CT at the VFW from 9am-2pm. Treasure & Coin Items & Minerals for sale.

Ocean Beach HuntMAY 14th *** The Club met at the Ocean Beach Boardwalk *** in New London, CT at 12:30pm. What a great turnout. We had a detector hunt at 2 pm with buried tokens & coins. Carol Kononov won the 1st prize, a Garrett Treasure Ace 100 detector (donated by Roger) with her winning ticket. Some of the members came around 10 am to get in some early detecting. Mike Robinson found 2 gold rings, Vlad Kononov found one, and Bob found a man's silver necklace. Everyone had a great time and there were several new members that joined. Here are some old postcards of the Ocean Beach Park.


MAY 25th to 28th Thur-Fri *** Herkimer Diamond mining *** then Sat-Sun we traveled northward for a hunt in Hamilton, Ontario, in which the club was invited to attend.
This hunt was a collaboration of the Metal Detecting clubs of Southern Ontario. The Rainbow's End, Thames Valley, Royal City, North Shore Metal Detecting Association, Canadian Heritage Seekers and the Capital City club. Also sponsoring is the CMDA, on May 27,28. There is "on site" camping. Pre-reservations and preregistration was recommended.

JUNE 3rd *** Gateway Treasure Hunters Club *** 9th annual open hunt { 4 Hunts}$45 & $55 if paid after May 23, 2000 at Eastover Farm; Rochester, MA. Contact Roy Gouge by Email phylroy@gis.net or p. 1-508-759-4889

JUNE 18th *** The club met at Burlingame State Park *** in Rhode Island (off Route 1) at 12:30pm. We had a short meeting and a lot of Burlingame Meetingfun.

JUNE 17th & 18th *** Recreational Detecting & Prospecting Club Jamboree 2000*** Twin Rivers Campground; contact Don Wilson 603-226-4846

JULY 16th *** The club met at Burlingame State Park ***
We had a great picnic with burgers, hot dogs & other fixings'. Then we went detecting at an old boy scout camp in the area.

AUGUST 19th & 20th *** We met at Richard's Gold Mine in Vermont for panning and camping out. It's always so nice to get out to the country. Several members from "The Goldminers of New England" were there, and "The Yankee Coinshooters" club from Hartford, CT joined in on all the gold panning fun on Sunday. It was so nice to meet you all!

SEPTEMBER 17th *** We had a hunt at Crescent Park in East Providence, RI - brought a snack to share; time 12:30pm. People found some great stuff there!
Here's the directions and some cool old postcards of Crescent Park

Victoria DuersOCTOBER 15th *** Meeting at Cross Mills Library in Charlestown, RI at 12:30pm. Topic: rocks & minerals, with hands-on demo's. Guest speaker was Victoria Duers, accompanied by her husband John, she did an excellent job speaking.
You can tell she really enjoys her work, reaching out particularly to underprivileged children. Her favorite slogan is, "Get your kids involved in a hobby!" All of the rocks and minerals she had to display were all rather unique and interesting. She spoke with such enjoyment of her hobby and has a very "bubbly" personality. We hope she comes back to visit us again. Thanks Victoria!


NOVEMBER 12th *** Take a step back in time with a hike at Parker Woodland in Coventry, RI at 12:30pm (time subject to change). It is very scenic and full of history. Now owned by the Audubon Society of Rhode Island, you won't need your metal detector for this one, but bring it anyway for afterwards.
If your computer can handle a large picture, you can view the Parker Woodland map
Or maybe you would like to read the history of Parker Woodland?

DECEMBER 10th *** Our Club Christmas Party was at 12:30 in the Charleston, RI library. And we sure did have a great time!
We started out with a delicious meal in which everyone brought something, and then had the Chinese Auction. There were so many great items to bid on.
After the auction, we had the "gift exchange" and played a "scavenger hunt" game in which Rich personally made the list, and lots of prizes. EVERYONE won a door prize. Little Christina got a gold coin! She was thrilled of course!
We had great fellowship with our fellow treasure hunters, singing songs, telling stories and always discussing our unique "finds." Vlad and Carol stunned everyone with their collection of jewelry found this year. Visit the Forum! Thanks Rich, Sunnie, Mike, for a wonderful year and Merry Christmas to all!


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