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Rich Rice ( Founder of the Club )

About Me
My name is Rich Rice and I have been metal detecting, goldmining, rockhounding, and doing archaeology for the last 5 years. I lived in Charlestown, RI for 22 years, and have worked at "Electric Boat" in Groton, CT for the past 29 years as a machinist. I love detecting and gold mining as my main hobbies. My best detecting find is a 1798 Large cent found in Jaffery, NH in a pond, but my greatest find is my new wife "Elle"

I am a member of:
" George Streeter Professional Historical Treasure Hunters" in Keene, NH
" Goldminers of New England" in Athol, MA
" Goldpanner of the Year" in 1998, at "Yankee Goldpanners" of Keene, NH
" Rhode Island Mineral Hunters" Club
" Thames Valley Rockhounds"
Lifetime member of " Gold Prospectors Association of America"
" Golden Caribou Miong Club" and the " Gungawamp Society" in Groton, CT
(an archeological preservation society)
And also a member of the " Charlestown Historical Society."

RI Cairnes My best nondetecting find is a a big split boulder rock I found while hiking in the State Park in Charlestown, RI, hiking off the trail. It's about 12 ft. in diameter. It is split in half with rocks piled in the split, and has a "Turtle" like head propped up with stone on the North end.
In my opinion, it was an "Indian prayer seat" for the Turtle Clan. Click here.

I am very proud to have started this club & to be associated with such great people. I am asking you all to stick together to keep this club great.

Sincerely yours,
Rich Rice


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