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Aerial view Walk on the pier Carousel on left
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As you can see, Crescent Park was a very popular place at one time. There was also an amusement park, roller skating rink, hotel and dance hall. So what happened? There were several fires, the hurricane of 1938 and the river got polluted. Now, the only thing remaining is the original Looff Carousel. And it is a nice one! Get some popcorn and have some fun. The last time we were there they were holding a car show. All the cars were from the 1960's.

DIRECTIONS: Crescent Park is located in East Providence, Riverside, RI. Take Interstate 95 to Providence, take Interstate 195 south, Exit the Taunton 44/Riverside exit and keep to the right. Follow it all the way till you see the carousel on the left. The parking lot is just past the carousel on the right.


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