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Vlad and Rich Mohegan Bluffs Lighthouse
Fran Barbara Vlad

Our Block Island trip was so much fun! We took the ferry over and stayed at bed and breakfast homes. We started out detecting the popular beaches and found very little. Most of the beaches had a lot of black sand which really made it impossible to detect!

The next day, we did some sightseeing at the Bluffs and decided to check the other side of the island for beaches. We found a secluded beach by the Coast Guard house, and it turned out to be productive. We did find a lot of fishing weights, but they were worth pulling. There were also alot of coins from the 1980's.

Barbara located a beautiful antique silver ring about 12 inches down with her Excaliber. Our very own Block Island treasure. Her husband thought he had found a Spanish doubloon, till he turned it over and saw the word "copy" on it. The weather was so nice, we even did some night detecting. Hope we get to go back next fall!


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