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Mining fanatics Chunk of Aquamarine NE Goldminers
Nice big piece of aquamarine Beryl Size comparison

These photos were taken on a rock hounding trip with the "Gold Miners of New England" based in Athol, MA. Mike Richards is the president. He gave us instructions for our first "rock breaking" before we entered the woods. We were finding just bits and pieces of beryl, until we ventured down into "the pit", and found some really big stuff there. Most were fragmented though due to blasting 6 yrs. ago. The mine is off limits to the public, and we felt lucky to be able to go.

The first picture is of the members of the gold mining club along with some of the DIRT club members. The second picture is of a nice chunk of rock with inbedded aquamarine. Bill Long Sr. ventured down into a pit to check it out, and came up with the biggest piece of aquamarine for the day. The last picture is a comparison picture of the size of the aquamarine crystal to the rock hounding tools we used. It sure was hard to get that chunk out without breaking it, but it was cracked unfortunately.


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