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Discovering Rhode Island Treasures

February 13, 2005

Monthly meeting 12:30 P.M.

Cross Mills Library, Charlestown, R. I.

PA Dave findsGreg Wrightman presided over the meeting. The first order of business was the treasurer’s report. The treasury currently has a balance of $276.03.

Rich brought up the website. He stated he would like to keep the original website that Vlad and Carol set up that includes a link to a forum for members to use to communicate with each other. He also brought up the cost of maintaining the site annually and suggested the club reimburse Vlad and Carol $95.00 per year. Ed took exception to Vlad and Carol’s continued involvement under Rich’s direction and no decision was reached as to whether or not they should be reimbursed.

Greg announced that the March 13, 2005 meeting would host a guest speaker by the name of Charles Blanchette of Little Rhody Bottle Club. If anyone has any old bottles that they want to show him or discuss feel free to bring them in. Don’t forget 2005 dues are due by this meeting. The April meeting will be the http://streeter.orgBest O' Northeast Treasure Hunter's Hobby Show meeting on the weekend of April 22, 23 and 24, 2005. Ed Fedory will be there. There will be workshops & seminars, popular metal detectors & related equipment on display & for sale. Rich suggested we add a link to Streeter.org to our website.

Greg then asked about our spring hunt and after much discussion there was a 2-1 vote that it was would be open to the public and that it would be priced as follows: Early registration members $20.00 non-members $35.00 Day of event members $25.00
Non-members $40.00. A number of members volunteered to bring in prizes to the next meeting so that this event can be advertised as a $1,000.00 hunt. It was decided that Greg and Dave would work out all of the hunt logistics.

We were questioned as to whether the club wanted to buy jewelry from club members. Steve volunteered to so some research as to valuing both coins and jewelry.

Art gives detecting  tipsGreg announced that the Cross Mills Library is happy with our having our meetings there and that we can continue to do so for $25.00 a month. Dave said that the No. Stonington Police Dept said we could meet there for free and Sandy said the Middle of Nowhere Diner offered their place for free also. No vote was taken.

Dave suggested that members carry business cards with the club logo and info on them to hand out as we meet people when we are out detecting. Everyone agreed it was a great idea to encourage new membership. Greg passed out a club directory.

The next part of the meeting moved on to detecting tips. Art passed out information on how to dig holes without leaving damage and had a neat idea for taking weight off your detector by using a string trimmer support belt from home depot. It also left him two free hands when he bent down to dig. Art also found some great gloves to save his hands when digging in rough conditions. Barbara suggested bringing along a white cloth for sifting relics while in the dirt or the woods. Makes seeing things so much easier! Tom carries a knee pad from the garden. It keeps his knees dry while he’s digging. Sandy’s tip was to always be friendly!! And to always carry a spare battery. Art then told us about defunctparks.com if you’re looking for a great place to detect.

Next Dave told us about a couple of wonderful weekends he spent with friends in and around Neshaminy State Park in Bensalem PA. He also showed us a lot of coins treasures that he found while detecting with his friends.

Find of the Month February Winners

1st Barbara Brown Gold 10k ring with purple stone
2nd David Collins Large gold earring
3rd no entry

1st Carl Morales Large silver band .925
2nd Sandy Crouch Silver chain with leaf bangle
3rd Art Rodriquez 1901 Barber quarter

1st Sandy Couch Replica gold coin 1849
2nd Greg Whitman 2 pewter soldiers
3rd Rich Rice old buckles

Door Prizes
Bottle of wine Dave Collins
2005 US Guide Book of Coins Carl Morales

50-50 Drawing

Don and Carol Biron won

Greg concluded the meeting by thanking all of the retiring officers and volunteers for a job well done in 2004.

The meeting adjourned to the beach at 2:30 P. M.
Respectfully submitted
Elle Rice, Secretary


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